Helping agile teams achieve their security and productivity goals.

Our mission is to help modern digital teams align their productivity, security and data privacy requirements by providing them with a single platform to manage the entire passwords lifecycle.

What we stand for

Security first

We prioritize security even if that means delaying more visible or popular work. We are transparent and provide clear information about the limitations of our systems. We accept and work with these residual risks and do not claim to be perfect.


We believe strongly in values such as the right to privacy or the rights to learn, modify and share software. We believe in transparency and inclusiveness. We welcome diversity of opinion, communication style and culture.


While we continuously seek to create consensus, ultimately somebody always owns a goal or a decision. Trust is established via regular, transparent and objective evaluations. We dream big, but try to plan realistically.

Humility & Fun

Human society is not significant on the grand scale of the universe. Life is too short to be taken too seriously. It’s easier to build great things while having fun doing it.

What is passbolt ?

Passbolt is the first open source password manager tailored for agile and devops teams first, yet usable by everyone. It is designed to help centralize, organize and share credentials securely. It is built with the vision to re-unite control, productivity and modern security in an single, elegant and collaborative application that is aligned with technical teams preferences and work ethics.

Passbolt is security-first, privacy-centric, made in Europe and highly versatile: it can be installed on-prem, used in our secure cloud, or deployed as a cloud-native application.


Passbolt timeline

Our vision

We believe that, due to global digitalization, agile and devops teams have become the backbone of modern businesses.

We believe that these cross-functional and sophisticated teams, like other craftsmen, deserve the right tools to do the right job. The right tools help them achieve better productivity while ensuring the utmost level of security. They must be aligned not only with their technical requirements, but also with their work ethics.

We believe that, contrarily to popular belief, passwords are here to stay and that they will remain the invisible cement that keeps the internet together for as long as there will be humans and systems to interconnect together.

Our mid-term vision is to make passbolt the de-facto password management platform for agile and devops teams.

Our long term vision is to empower these teams by building new open and elegant solutions to modern security and privacy problems.

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Passbolt is backed by some of the most prominent funds in western Europe. They have been supporting the company strategically and financially since several years and contribute to ensuring a steady and healthy growth in our development.

We are also super proud to be backed financially, since the company incorporation, by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Quick glimpse at our office(s)

Passbolt is a remote-first company and our headquarters are conveniently located in Luxembourg, at the center of Europe, making it easy for anyone in our team to come and hang out.

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