Community driven Roadmap

Discover the next major milestones for passbolt. You can vote for new ideas and change requests in the community forum.


Custom fields

Custom fields (Pro)

Add custom fields to your passwords.

Secure files and notes

Secure files & notes

Store other secrets than a password such as notes.

Users and Groups ACL

Users/Groups ACL (Pro)

Define which users/groups can access which features.


External sharing

Share a password with an external user.


Keepass as an offline client

Bi-directional sync with keepass file format to work offline.

In progress

SSO and LDAP Authentication

SSO / LDAP Authentication (Pro)

Authenticate with other providers.

Audit logs

Advanced Audit logs (Pro)

More options to see who is doing what on passbolt.


Account recovery

Account recovery / Escrow (Pro)

Users who lost their passphrase or private key can recover their account (video).

Forms auto-save

Forms auto-save

Passbolt remembers passwords from web pages.

Mobile app

Mobile app

Passwords are available on Android and iPhones.



The interface and documentation are translatable in multiple languages.

Simplified Setup

Simplified Setup

Redesign the setup and login process to ease on-boarding