Sync passbolt with all your devices

Passbolt can be installed on a multitude of servers, deployed in minutes and used on your favorite browser or mobile app.

Browser extensions

Passbolt requires a browser extension to work in order to guarantee the security of your passwords (Read the details in this blog article). We support almost all browsers.

Image of Passbolt iOS application

Mobile apps

Passbolt can be used on your iOS or Android mobile device. Search and access your passwords, auto-fill forms and even create new passwords on the go.


A server is required for those that prefer to self-host their data. Passbolt server can be installed easily on a wide range of linux distributions and cloud providers.

Image of all server options


Passbolt CLI (Command Line Interface) can be used from any terminal to perform CRUD operations on a self-hosted or cloud-hosted passbolt instance. Use it to automate your infrastructure: create and rotate passwords, inject them in environment variables on your CI, reorganize your tags and folders, and more.

Download CLI