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Engineered for the enterprise with sophisticated needs and advanced compliance and security requirements.

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  • Everything in Business +
  • Hosted on an isolated container
  • Ldap connectors
  • Custom domain
  • Your own SSL certificate
  • Custom firewall rules
  • 4 hours SLA email and phone support

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We have plans for NGOs, educational organizations and open source projects.

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Pricing model
Per user (pay as you go)
Tailor made
monthly / yearly
monthly / yearly
Isolated container
Data backup on demand
Custom domain
Custom SSL certificate
Custom firewall rules
Email support
Phone support
Slack support
Next business day
4 hours (business hours)
Passwords management
TOTP management
Encrypted notes
Granular sharing
Users & groups management
Multi-Factor Authentication
Folders (Private and Shared)
Account Recovery (Escrow)
Single Sign On (SSO) with Microsoft
Single Sign On (SSO) with Google
MFA Policies
Activity log (audit changes)
Action logs as syslogs / log files
Organize passwords with tags
Mobile apps for iOS & Android
Search, filters & favorites
Email notifications
Import / export (kdbx, csv)
Browser integration (Quick access)
Autofill / auto-suggest (in-form menu)
Multiple themes
Role Based Access Control
User Passphrase policies
Password policies
Self registration
Password expiry
Password expiry policy

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the end of my trial period?

Where is my data hosted?

What about GDPR compliance?

Can I switch back to Passbolt self-hosted (PRO / CE) later?

How does the billing per user work?

In your Service Level Agreement, what is the meaning of business day/hour?

What do I do if I have an issue?