Why Switch from KeePass to Passbolt?

As your team grows, it outgrows KeePass. Sharing passwords gets increasingly difficult. Discover how moving to Passbolt permanently solves collaboration issues in password management. Furthermore, it matches all KeePass features.

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Everything KeePass Offers, Plus Collaboration Features

While KeePass and Passbolt share common ground in offering robust, open-source password management solutions, Passbolt adds significant value with features designed for team dynamics and collaboration.

Open Source

Both KeePass and Passbolt are open source, ensuring transparency and community-driven development.

Security Standards

Like KeePass, Passbolt adheres to high security standards and is regularly audited by third parties. Passbolt encryption relies on OpenPGP, a renowned and interoperable standard.

Folders Taxonomy

KeePass is known for its user-friendly approach to credential organization based on folders, subfolders and a quick search. Passbolt implements the same UI principles, but synchronizes them across multiple users.

Password Collaboration

Passbolt truly stands out as a collaborative password manager. It offers real-time password sharing, user and group management, and fine-grained permissions – features that are essential in teams but missing in KeePass.

Easy Migration

Transitioning to Passbolt from KeePass is straightforward, thanks to Passbolt’s import functionality. We also provide professional support for complex migration scenarios, enabling you to quickly adapt without losing any existing data or compromising on security.

What makes Passbolt different from Keepass?

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On-prem, easy to install

Open Source

Audited regularly

Folders organization

Search, filters & favorites

Granular sharing and permissions management

Users & groups management

User activity and audit logs

Email notifications

Mobile apps for iOS & Android + Desktop app

Browser integration

Organization-wide policies

Customer support