The Passbolt Partnership Programme

Build stronger relationships and deliver more secure solutions to your customers. Join the passbolt partnership program and discover new opportunities for your business.

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Why should you become a partner?

Generous Commissions

You can earn up to 30% commission on every sale and boost your brand with co-branding opportunities.

Become a passbolt reseller and earn up to 30% commission on every sale.

Help establish your brand as a trusted security solutions provider by co-branding with passbolt.

Passbolt is a reliable and reputable choice.

Meet your customers' security needs by leveraging software that's trusted by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and the military around the world.

Monetize Your Implementation

Monetize your implementation process while receiving comprehensive support from passbolt.

Passbolt provides full support during the implementation process.

Based on the project's complexity, you can charge your clients implementation costs.

With the help of experts, you can successfully deploy passbolt and generate revenue.

Resell a Made-in-EU Solution

Offer your clients a password management solution that is 100% made in the EU and does not compromise on security or privacy.

As a passbolt reseller, you can offer your customers a password management solution that's 100% made in the EU.

It complies with the highest standards of security and privacy.

With passbolt, your customers have a powerful and reliable option for secure password management at their fingertips.

Terms in a nutshell

Partner types and advantages

There are two types of partnership in the program: "Learning Partner" is for organisations that want everything they need to begin implementing the solution, but do not want the visibility of an official partner until they have the required experience.

An "Official Partner" is for organisations that want the visibility that comes with partnering with passbolt. There are four levels of official partnership: Ready, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Depending on which level you choose, you'll get to access different benefits. These include promotional material, full access to the product and in-depth training.

Income from Commissions

Once you make a sale, your commission is based on the difference between what you charge the customer and what passbolt charges you. This means that you set the price, giving you the flexibility to decide how much money you earn when reselling.

Learning PartnerOfficial: ReadyOfficial: SilverOfficial: GoldOfficial: Platinum
Annual Revenue Generated for Passbolt03,500 €18,000 €60,000 €150,000 €
Commission on Passbolt Contracts10%15%20%25%30%

Commission calculator

Annual Revenue€202,700
Your commission€60,810 per year
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