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Collaborate Securely on Passwords in Universities

Protect your university’s productivity with safe sharing of user and machine credentials among faculty, staff, students and alumni utilizing Passbolt’s open-source collaborative password manager.

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Universities worldwide rely on Passbolt

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Why Choose Passbolt?

Higher education ranks among the top sectors targeted by cybercriminals, with stolen credentials accounting for nearly 50% of attacks (Verizon DBIR 2023), often due to insecure password sharing on and off campus. Passbolt not only offers all the standard features expected from a password manager but also enhances security in collaborative university settings. It prevents password theft by enabling secure and immediate password sharing among university members, assures robust multi-layered protection with precise access controls, and keeps detailed user activity logs to meet compliance standards.

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"The transition from our in-house solution to Passbolt has empowered the central IT services department at TU Graz to improve credential storage, boosting productivity and operational security through optimized team synergies and reduced maintenance efforts."

Marcel Schudi

Responsible for IT law and security at Central IT Department of TU Graz

Open Source

As it is fully open source, the code allows for thorough security auditing, complete customizability and facilitates complex integration.

Data control

There’s no better method to ensure your privacy is protected than to host it on a server you control, behind your firewall.

Made in Europe

Headquartered in the EU 🇪🇺, specifically in Luxembourg, privacy is not only a top priority; it’s guaranteed by the law.

Protect Password Collaboration

Passbolt streamlines secure password sharing to enhance the operational efficiency in academic settings.

Password Management

Passbolt stores all credentials for easy access, provides a password generator for creating unique passwords, features auto-fill for convenience, and includes more fundamental features universities would expect.

Password Management

Advanced Sharing

Designed specifically for collaboration, Passbolt offers advanced security, granular control, traceability, role-based access, and nested permissions - making it safe for students and staff to share passwords without hesitation.

Advanced Sharing

Increased Productivity

Enhance productivity across your university by fostering seamless password collaboration and secure access to the resources students and staff need for academic and administrative success.

Increased Productivity

Reduce IT Workload

Ease IT’s role in user and machine credentials management with Passbolt by providing a single, open-source solution.

Effortless Administration

Reduce the administrative burden of multi-user password management in universities through its user-friendly approach to collaboration including Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), Single Sign-On (SSO), account recovery and more.

Effortless Administration

Compliance Assurance

Passbolt ensures universities meet and uphold compliance standards with its audited password sharing and user activity oversight to maintain full control over data and protect the organization from breaches.

Compliance Assurance

Simplify IT Management

With Passbolt, university IT teams can effectively manage and share machine credentials and leverage its API and CLI for automation, ensuring smooth operation and maintenance of the university's IT infrastructure.

Simplify IT Management

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