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Last updated: June 24, 2022

Passbolt is an open source password manager designed for team collaboration. Securely generate, store, manage and monitor your team credentials.


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Passbolt is the open source password manager for organisations. With a focus on collaboration, it enables teams to seamlessly share credential while protecting their sensitive information. Security and privacy is in passbolts DNA.

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Passbolt is the open source password manager designed for security-conscious organisations to centralise, organise and securely share credentials. Security is at the very core of everything passbolt does. Top penetration testers regularly evaluate the platform and the results are made public. Even in the most complex scenarios, its security model supports user-owned secret keys and end-to-end encryption. Passbolt provides unrivalled granularity for both access control and encrypted data. The company is headquartered in the EU, specifically in Luxembourg, where data privacy is not only a top priority, it's guaranteed by law. Passbolt is completely open source, even in its paid versions, allowing full transparency and code review.

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In today’s digital landscape, data leaks and security breaches have become all too common. As a result, organisations are realising the importance of incorporating security throughout the software development process. If you’re a developer working on your latest masterpiece, a well-built castle that will revolutionise the world you’ll need to make sure your security stands the test of time. So,...

May 25, 2023

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