Trademark guidelines

Passbolt SA is an open source company. The name and logo "Passbolt" is a registered trademark of Passbolt SA. Passbolt SA does not grant a trademark license to "Passbolt", without a separate agreement with Passbolt SA. If you use Passbolt Trademarks, you must comply with these Passbolt Trademark Guidelines.

Because Passbolt's users trust us and because Passbolt's products code is available to download and modify, proper use of our trademarks is critical to letting users know whether or not Passbolt SA provides or endorses a product or service.

Am I allowed to use the Passbolt trademark?

You may do the following without obtaining express permission from Passbolt:

  • Use Passbolt wordmarks in any text to truthfully refer to or unmodified Passbolt programs, products, services, and technologies.
  • Use Passbolt logos in visual elements to truthfully reference and/or programs, products, services and technology hosted on Passbolt servers.
  • Use the Passbolt word marks to declare that your software is based on or is compatible with Passbolt's open source code, in accordance with the Open Source Project Guidelines below.
  • Describe a social media account, page, or community according to social media guidelines.

All other uses of a Passbolt trademark require our prior written permission. This includes any use of a Passbolt trademark in a domain name. For more information, contact us at [email protected].

How should I use the Passbolt trademark if it's allowed?

General Guidelines


  • Allow sufficient space for the Passbolt logo between other elements on the web page or document (at least half the width and height of the logo). Passbolt logo should be significantly smaller than yours.
  • Use the Passbolt trademark exactly as shown here:
    Passbolt logo in white version
  • When referring to products use the correct and unmodified product names, for example "Passbolt Community Edition" or "Passbolt CE".
    • Do not use generic or confusing terms such as "Passbolt server".
    • Do indicate clearly the version and that the product is not modified, for example "the latest unmodified version of Passbolt CE".
  • When referring to your own products compatible with the Passbolt product APIs, use the generic terms such as "for Passbolt API" or "with Passbolt API" after the service name instead.
    • For example: "Golang SDK for Passbolt API" or "Plugin compatible with Passbolt API".
    • Do not use ambiguous terms such as "Golang Passbolt Client" or "Passbolt server in Golang".
  • Provide a direct link to Passbolt website.
  • Add a trademark notice.
  • Use a prominent notice to acknowledge Passbolt trademark, such as: E.g.: "Passbolt and the Passbolt logo are registered trademarks of Passbolt S.A.".
  • Use a prominent notice to identify your affiliation, such as: "This project is a community driven project that is not associated with Passbolt S.A.", "This service is provided by company X that is not affiliated with Passbolt S.A.".


  • Do not use Passbolt trademarks in your company name, domain name, publication or other offering.
  • Do not use any trademark, logo, company name, slogan, domain name, or design that is confusingly similar to Passbolt's trademarks.
  • Do not use Passbolt's trademarks in a manner that falsely implies affiliation with, sponsorship, endorsement, or approval of its products or services by Passbolt.
  • Do not use Passbolt Trademarks more prominently than your product, service or company name.
  • Do not use Passbolt Trademarks on merchandise (e.g. sale of t-shirts, mugs, etc.)
  • Do not use Passbolt Trademarks for other commercial purposes (e.g. Providing technical support services), unless such use is limited to a truthful and descriptive reference (e.g., "Independent technical support for Passbolt API").
  • Do not incorporate the Passbolt trademark into a slogan.

Social Media Guidelines

In addition to the general guidelines above, your social media account name and pages must not contain a Passbolt trademark. In addition, Passbolt logos may not be used in any way that might suggest affiliation with Passbolt, including but not limited to account, profile, or header images. The only exception to these requirements is if you have prior approval from Passbolt.

For example, you may not refer to your account, page, or community as "Passbolt Representative" or "Passbolt Software." However, it would be acceptable to refer to your account, Page, or community as "Passbolt Local User Group" or "Information about Passbolt Software" as long as you do not use the Passbolt trademark or logos or imply an affiliation with Passbolt.

Open Source Project Guidelines

The specific license for each Passbolt product is indicated in the README and/or LICENSE file at the root of all projects. If you want to develop or modify Passbolt open source code for your own project, it does not grant permission to use Passbolt's trademarks.

You Must:

  • Follow the terms of the Open Source License for Passbolt software code and products.
  • Select brands, logos and trademarks that describe your own unique identity to make it clear to users that there is no affiliation with or endorsement by Passbolt.

You Must NOT:

  • Use Passbolt trademarks in conjunction with your project username or branding.
  • Use any Passbolt trademarks or portions of Passbolt trademarks to imply or mislead that your software is actually published, affiliated with, or endorsed by Passbolt.

You May:

  • State in words (without logos or images) that your product "works with Passbolt products", "for Passbolt products" or is "compatible with Passbolt products" as long as you also include the statement: "[Brand Name] and [Product Name] are not officially associated with Passbolt or its products."
  • State in words (without logos or images) that your project is based on Passbolt's open source technology, if applicable, as long as you also include a statement that your project is not officially affiliated with Passbolt or its products.

Cloud-based Services

If you're offering a cloud-based service that provides remote access to Passbolt software, it's important that you do so in a way that doesn't confuse users as to who is providing the service. You may not use Passbolt trademarks in the name of your product or service without Passbolt S.A. prior written permission.

You may state in words (without using any logos or images) that your product or service includes or provides access to unmodified Passbolt software, where applicable.