Why Switch from Bitwarden to Passbolt?

Passbolt facilitates granular and scalable password collaboration among team members due to its state-of-the-art architecture. Conversely, Bitwarden needs to work around a legacy monolithic architecture which imposes trade-offs on security and flexibility.

Why switch from Bitwarden to Passbolt?Play video comparison

A More Comprehensive and Secure Password Collaboration with Passbolt

Bitwarden and passbolt both offer open-source password management solutions. However, Bitwarden is designed for individuals and smaller teams, with a monolithic approach to password sharing limited only to its paid plans; while passbolt is specifically designed for team and business use, providing comprehensive, highly secure password collaboration across all its offerings including its community edition.

Features & Licensing

The free on-prem open-source version of Bitwarden completely lacks password sharing functionality, with such features available in the proprietary and commercial cloud and on-prem offerings only. Conversely, passbolt's Community Edition includes all essential password sharing features for unlimited users, identical to those in its commercial offerings. Plus, the complete code for all of Passbolt's on-premise offerings is available under an open source license.

Password Collaboration

Passbolt enables granular sharing of single passwords or entire folders, whereas Bitwarden confines sharing to the whole vault (i.e. all passwords of an organization or individual), or to static collections (equivalent to Passbolt's folders but without their intuitive nesting or permissions inheritance).

Security Architecture

Passolt provides industry leading password collaboration security. It utilizes a user-owned, truly random secret key independent of user input and protected with a passphrase as opposed to Bitwarden’s approach based by default on user input. Passbolt also provides both permissions and encryption granularity as well as forward secrecy on shared secrets, unlike Bitwarden.

Credentials Organization

Bitwarden enables credentials organization based on personal folders, shared collections and a quick search. Passbolt’s flexible approach provides both individual and shared folders in the same tree structure, allowing to synchronize the same taxonomy across several users and making it easily searchable.

Easy Migration

Transitioning to Passbolt from Bitwarden is straightforward, thanks to Passbolt’s import functionality. We also provide professional support for complex migration scenarios, enabling you to quickly adapt without losing any existing data or compromising on security.

What makes Passbolt different from Bitwarden?

Bitwarden Logo
Passbolt Logo

On-prem, easy to install


Linux Distro Packages


Linux Distro Packages

Open Source Software License

Open core

100% Open Source

Vault sharing

Ability to share a collection / folder that contains multiple passwords.

Limited sharing capabilities in free editions

Free for unlimited users

Granular sharing

Share 1 password with 1 user

Nested collections / folders sharing

Enables sharing a complete collection / folder tree, or a subpart with just a click.

Share tree with just a click

Permissions inheritance

Random non-guessable secret key

Enhances security and convenience by eliminating predictability and human error associated with keys derived from user inputs.

Granular password encryption

Each credential is encrypted separately for each user with their own encryption key, ensuring isolation of each user's credentials to mitigate widespread data breaches.

Forward secrecy on shared secrets

Anti-phishing protection

URL detection

Master passphrase protection

URL detection

Master passphrase protection

Users & groups management

Paid editions only

Available in the free community edition

User activity and audit logs

Paid editions only

Available in the free community edition

Secrets Management

Available in a different application

Free up to 2 users and 3 projects

Available in the same unified application

Free for unlimited users and secrets

Organization-wide policies

Paid editions only

Available in the free community edition

Browser integrations

Mobile & desktop apps

Mobile: iOS & Android (Hybrid)

Windows and Mac (Hybrid)

Mobile: iIOS & Android (Native)

Windows only (Native)

Audited regularly by third parties

Partial reports disclosure

Full reports disclosure

Customer support

Made in the EU

Data privacy is protected by the law