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Finally, a password manager built for collaboration. Secure, flexible, and automation ready. Trusted by 10,000 organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, newspapers, governments and defence forces.

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Run it on your own server, natively

Stay in control of your data, deploy passbolt within minutes, on-prem or on infrastructure you already trust.

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“So versatile, you can even run it on a Raspberry Pi”

Passbolt servers are designed to be simple to install and easy to manage. Yet they are enterprise-ready and can support complex setup for high availability.

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Sync passwords between browsers and devices

Passbolt can be used from your browser or mobile phone. Sharing happens in real time. Desktop apps are coming soon.

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Built for developers,
by developers

  • Retrieve, store and share passwords programmatically with the JSON api.
  • Automate at scale with Passbolt CLI
  • Real time access logs

Made in europe. Privacy by default.

Privacy is in our DNA, but also in the DNA of European laws (to make sure we don’t change our mind).

  • GDPR Compliant.
  • Self-host it for full data ownership.
  • Host it in our cloud, located in Europe.
  • No tracker, no strings attached.

100% Open Source. No bullshit.

Passbolt self-hosted source code comes under an AGPL license. Yes, even the commercial version. You are free to audit it, contribute to it, redistribute it. This is why we have an healthy community of thousands of organizations in all sectors.

passbolt interface

Security by design. Audited and certified.

Say goodbye to old school shared vaults, their symmetric encryption and security limitations. Embrace the future of secrets sharing. Reclaim control of your security.

  • 100% asymmetric end-to-end security, backed by OpenPGP.
  • Users can control their own encryption key.
  • Share secrets individually, not in vaults.
  • Reliable audit logs, server side.
  • Accesses revokation that actually works.
SOC2 type 1Discover passbolt security
All in all, the Passbolt application is in a very good state and capitalizes on a number of security strengths, especially gained by extensive knowledge of the developers who implement comprehensive mitigations and anticipate attacks quite well.
Image that illustrates How to create a custom passbolt theme with the UI Kit

With the recent availability of the UI kit, it is now easier than ever to customize your passbolt. We will demonstrate it in this step by step tutorial by explaining how you can create your own cus...

Aug 18, 2022