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Are you doing your part?

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Passbolt team

Passbolt team

29 May, 2017

Passbolt needs your effort at work, at home, in your community.

From all over world, open source enthusiasts endorse passbolt code of conduct and are working together to build a password manager your team will love to use! Everyone’s doing their share. If you too would like to give back there are plenty of options.

Would you like to know more?

Spread the word

Writing a review on Google Chrome Webstore or Mozilla Plugin page can go a long way in helping passbolt get noticed. You can also give us a shout on twitter or a star on Github.

fig. René is doing his part!

If you have a blog, if you are the member of a forum, if you are an editor on a product review site, if you are a journalist working on technology and security topics, you can write a review of passbolt.

fig. stackshare is doing their part!

If you think you are good communicator, maybe you are! Harness your unique abilities and take advantage of the passbolt benefits available for extroverted citizens. Get in touch in order to, like Guillaume, speak about passbolt at local events and conferences near you.

M. Higashino is doing their part!

Support other users

Did you know that on average the passbolt team solves two requests for help every day? This ranges from general questions (such as “when are you going to release LDAP integration?”), to common installation issues, to more exotic configuration problems (such as “how do I run passbolt on my toaster”), as well as grooming change requests.

You can help by answering simple questions on the community forum, document how to reproduce a bug, etc. You can also publish how-to articles, installation tutorials in other languages or propose changes to the official documentation.

Contribute to the product

You do not need to be a programmer to contribute to the product development. You can, for example, do some wordsmithing or help refine the scope for the new upcoming features by breaking them down into user stories and writing down acceptance criteria. See an example for groups.

fig. psy-q is going their part!

If you have an eye for design you can translate these requirements into wireframes. If you have the skills you can take some of the issues that are well defined forward and propose a pull request. If you are funny, you can help passbolt make better jokes!

Repeal the bug invasion

Everyday passbolt computer scientists are looking for new ways to kill bugs and you can help... We need experienced passbolt administrators to try our development branches to test the new and upcoming releases, and propose additional selenium and unit tests scenarios.

Didier is doing his part!

You can also organize hallway usability tests and share the results with the community.

Support passbolt financially

Did you know you could sponsor new and upcoming features such as passwords autofill / autosave, categories management, or LDAP support? You can support passbolt community as whole by subscribing to the community membership program!

If you are an organization a great example of sponsoring at its finest was the collaboration that happened for the groups feature release with Virtua. Virtua is a communication agency from Switzerland. On top of their generous sponsorship of the “groups” feature, their team also collaborated closely with passbolt developers throughout the entire cycle.

fig. virtua is doing their part!

By sponsoring a feature, we will make sure you are in the front row seats to review the functional requirements and the technical specifications. You will also be invited to test early versions of the new features.

fig. these organizations are doing their part!

If you work for a governmental or non-governmental organization that awards services or grants to security related open source projects we would love to hear from you.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about sponsorship or volunteering opportunities. You can alsreach out to us on the community forum, on twitter or in the comments below.

Thank you to Laura Hilliger for suggesting and reviewing this article. And yes, she is also doing her part.