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How the community wants the “groups” feature to be

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Passbolt team

Passbolt team

16 March, 2017

A few weeks ago, we asked for your opinion concerning the design of the groups feature. Thirty seven of you answered to our survey and provided valuable inputs. Here is the summary.

Survey results

Overall how satisfied are you with the groups feature design proposal?

We are very pleased to see that most of you liked the original design proposal. That already helped save precious time during the implementation and testing.

Should we call this feature “groups” or “teams”?

We heard you. It will be called groups!

Should a group manager be allowed to give their group manager right to another user?

We’ll follow the majority on this. It will be possible for a group manager to give group manager rights to other users.

Should administrators be the only users allowed to create groups?

This is conform to the original design. So we’ll keep it as is.

Should we allow multiple group managers for one given group?

This is clearly a yes. So be it.

Should a group manager be allowed to change the group name?

This differs from the initial thoughts. But we’ll follow your opinion. This is why we have organized this survey!

Should a user be able to remove himself from a group?

This was close! We’ll follow the original design and those in favor of the No. However, if this is something that many of you consider useful, we’ll consider adding this as an option in the settings.

After groups which functionality should work on next?

On this survey, LDAP is the most popular followed by “tags and categories” and “form auto-filling”. We also receive many requests by email or on github that confirm that these three features are the most popular. We’ll definitely prioritize one of them as our next milestone!

What about the release date?

The development of groups has progressed well, and we are almost ready with a first set of user stories to release. We are currently working on fixing the remaining bugs, and writing the missing scenarios for our selenium test suite which is relatively easy but quite time consuming.

Stay tuned on facebook, twitter or the release RSS feed!

Thanks for your support

The release of the groups feature wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing support we receive from the community. Your feedback helped us design a functionality that will be usable by almost everyone.

We would also like to thank specifically Virtua who generously sponsored this feature. Their team also gave us a early support while drafting the specifications and later during the design review stage. Cheers to them!