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Passbolt is “Made in Luxembourg”

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Passbolt team

Passbolt team

27 April, 2021

Recently, we were awarded the official “Made in Luxembourg” label, by the Luxembourg chamber of Commerce, which identifies products and services that are manufactured in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

“Made in Luxembourg” official logo

Why is Passbolt based in Luxembourg?

In addition to the fact that Europe and Luxembourg are the leaders in the data privacy / data protection field, we chose Luxembourg to establish Passbolt SA, the one and unique legal entity behind Passbolt, for many good reasons:

Located at the center of Europe

Luxembourg is surrounded by France, Germany and Belgium which means that we have access to an incredible pool of talents coming from these neighbouring countries and beyond. We are a remote company by DNA, however being centrally located makes it incredibly easy for our European collaborators to visit us and work from our beautiful office.

A cybersecurity hub

Primarily known as a financial hub, Luxembourg has also developed a very strong and internationally recognized expertise in cybersecurity in order to support its financial activities. By being based in Luxembourg, Passbolt has access to a wide range of cybersecurity resources and services, some of them being provided directly by the government of Luxembourg.

If you are interested by what Luxembourg has to offer in terms of cybersecurity, you can check out their online portal:

A startup nation

It is a small and agile country that is also particularly friendly for startups. It is quick and easy to setup a new company, with minimal bureaucracy and an impressive support from the local ecosystem. Startups have access to an impressive number of incubators, acceleration programs, grants and public funds.

Passbolt participated and graduated successfully from Fit4Start, the national acceleration program. We also benefited from a number of public grants and fundings through the Digital Tech Fund: the Luxembourg public-private national fund for startups. They participated in several rounds of funding, including our last round in December 2020 where we raised 2.1M€.

A stunning country

The quality of life is impressive, public transportation is free, people are friendly and most of them speak English, it is green, incredibly beautiful and has the right balance between heritage and modernism.

We’ll let you be the judge:

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The “Made in Luxembourg” label

Passbolt has been established in Luxembourg since December 2016 and we couldn’t be more proud and honoured to have received, after a strict audit, the official “Made in Luxembourg” certification. This recognizes our efforts and commitment to build a true Luxembourg based, European-made password manager.

To know more about the “Made in Luxembourg” label:

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