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Passbolt Partners with SUSE to Enhance Open Source Security Solutions

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Passbolt team

Passbolt team

4 June, 2024

Passbolt Partners with SUSE to Enhance Open Source Security Solutions

We are pleased to announce that Passbolt is partnering with SUSE to bring enhanced security solutions to organisations that value open source software. This collaboration highlights our commitment to providing enterprise credential collaboration tools to the open source community, especially within Europe.

A Strong Alignment with Our Audience

Passbolt and SUSE have established strong footholds in Europe, and our shared values make this partnership particularly meaningful. SUSE is well-regarded for its reliable and secure Linux distributions, and Passbolt is known for its password collaboration solution. Together, we aim to address the growing needs of security-focused organisations that support the open source ethos.

Germany, in particular, is a key market for Passbolt and SUSE. The country’s emphasis on security and open source solutions aligns perfectly with what our partnership seeks to achieve: providing trustworthy and transparent security tools to enterprises and developers.

Expanding Support to SLES 15

Historically, Passbolt has supported openSUSE as a distribution for its software. Passbolt is excited to extend this support to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 15. SLES is known for its enterprise-grade reliability and enhanced security features, making it an excellent choice for deploying Passbolt.

SUSE is committed to delivering trusted open source solutions that help enterprises ensure consistency, security, and compliance across the IT estate.

SUSE maintains the highest certifications for security and compliance in the industry.  Now, organisations can take full advantage of Passbolt's password management capabilities on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, the adaptable, secure, and dependable Linux platform.

Already Compatible with Rancher by SUSE

Rancher Prime, the popular Kubernetes management platform from SUSE, enables organisations to deploy, manage, and scale containerised applications efficiently. Passbolt Helm charts are already compatible with Rancher, making the deployment of the Passbolt service seamless within this environment. This allows users to securely manage passwords and secrets within their Kubernetes clusters. This integration facilitates secure operations for DevOps teams, enhancing their ability to manage credentials efficiently and securely.

Looking Ahead with Containers

Passbolt and SUSE continue this collaboration by developing support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Base Container Images.  SLE BCI images provide an open, flexible, and secure foundation for building application containers. Along with automation tooling (such as Docker compose scripts), Passbolt and SUSE enable users with a lightweight, efficient, and secure way to deploy Passbolt in containerised environments.

SLES 15 SP6 package installation

Commitment to Security and Open Source

Passbolt and SUSE partner to underscore the shared commitment to provide solutions that enhance the security of organisations without compromising the values of open source and community-driven development.

We are excited about these new developments and look forward to sharing more updates in the coming weeks.

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