Sending unencrypted description during resource creation on Android app


Android app prior 1.13.1. maybe leak of confidential information via by sending unencrypted the content
of the description field, when the resource type "password with encrypted description" is selected.

  • CVE: N/A
  • Product affected: API (Pro and CE) and the Android app
  • Versions affected:
    • API version under v3.12.2
    • Android app under 1.13.2
  • Version fixed:
    • API v3.12.2
    • Android app 1.13.2
  • Affected component: Resources creation form.
  • Vulnerability Type: Information leak
  • Severity: Medium


When creating a resource from the Android app an unencrypted version of the description was sent to the API
along with its encrypted version contained in the secret. However the default content type (password-and-description)
should not contain the unencrypted version of the description.

1. example of payload sent to the API while a new resource is created

On top of that as the API didn’t ignore the sent unencrypted description, the API stored it in cleartext along
with the resource's metadata in the database.

Attack vector / exploitation

As the API stored the unencrypted version of the description in the database and didn't perform a validation of
the data when retrieving it, the unencrypted description was returned along with the resource's metadata when
a client requested it via the API.

2. example of payload retrieved from the API when retrieving a resource

An attacker who performed a man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack could see the resource description in cleartext
in the payload of the resource creation request.

Additionally, an attacker who gained access to the database could read the description in cleartext from the resources

Who's impacted

Organizations that have users who created resources with a non-empty description from their Android app or
directly via the API if this one was misused. Note that only the resources created are impacted, and that the
issue is not occurring during the edit process.

Root cause

The root cause is a combination of issues involving the Android app as well as the API.

Android App

The Use Case class for creating a resource for both two initial resource types (encrypted password, encrypted
password with encrypted description) is reused. At first, only the encrypted password with plain text description
resource type was supported and then the second one was added on top.

During the implementation of the second resource type, the encrypted description was added into the secret, but it
had been missed when updating the value of the original description field, so it stayed the same.


The API was not strict while asserting the metadata of the created resources having the type password-and-description,
therefore letting the unwanted unencrypted description pass the validation and get stored in the database.

How to fix the issue

Users and administrators are advised to upgrade to the lastest API and Android application version.

What was done to fix the issue

  • MOB-1250 Fix the Android app by not sending the description field to the backend during resource creation
  • PB-24315 Add validation of received resource fields on the backend according to the schema
  • PB-24315 Run a script to clear the description field in all resources of type encrypted password with encrypted description

Event Timeline

  • 20/04/2023 - Bug identified by Mobile team during UAT
  • 26/04/2023 - Android app fixed with 1.13.2
  • 26/04/2023 - API fixed with v3.12.2

Current status:

1. Acknowledge issue with reporter
2. Get a fix/patch prepared
3. Release new version
4. Prepare a report about the issue
5. Feature the problem in the release
Last updated: 2023-04-26 13:20:00 CET