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Passbolt v3.4.0 is out

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8 December, 2021

Passbolt v3.4.0 is out!

It’s 3.4.0 release time!

Have you ever wished to fully join the dark side? Have you mastered the game of playing hide and seek with the in-form button? Or perhaps have you secretly wished to use a more “edgy” browser? If so, we have some great news to share with you! Let’s have a look at what’s new in the latest release 3.4!

Let the dark side flow through you

Passbolt already had a dark theme that could be activated in the user profile settings. But, admittedly, it wasn’t integrated everywhere. For example it was not present on the login or account recovery pages. It’s now the case with the version 3.4.0 of Passbolt. And yes, this means that the quick access also gets to wear a pretty dark dress too!

Here’s the beauty 😀

Fig. sign in screen with dark theme
Fig. Quick access with dark theme
Fig. In-form menu with dark theme
“Hey wait! How could you guess what theme I prefer before even logging in?”

Well, you see, this is thanks to the new mind reader interface. Just kidding.. Actually, the extension uses the operating system preferences. So on screens where no user session is active, the browser asks about the system-wide theme preferences and if it’s dark, the extension “Paint it, Black”. When logged in, it’s also the system preferences that are used until a specific theme is chosen by the user.

The in-form integration is now behaving!

We did our best, but we have to admit that the first implementation of the in-form menu icon kept us all on our toes. It was like playing peek-a-boo with the mouse and appearing in the most unpredictable places sometimes…

Where is the in-form button?

Obviously, it wasn’t the goal at all, but it happened. Rest assured the in-form menu icon is now firmly standing its ground where it should. While we can’t promise that there will be no more of this hide and seek integrated mini-game, let’s just say it’s fixed for now. Feel free to open a bug report if you see it misbehaving again (it will be grounded again).

Talking about Edge cases

It’s official now, Passbolt supports Microsoft Edge browser 🎉.

Fig. Microsoft Edge support for passbolt

We all have our preferences in terms of browser, don’t we? Actually, sometimes, one doesn’t even have the choice and has to use what is there. But, don’t worry, if that’s the case, we got you covered </trolling>.

Wanna give it a try? It’s there:

Other updates

RPM package

A new RPM package is currently being tested and will be released soon. This package will be compatible with RedHat (7+), CentOS (7+), OracleLinux (7+), RockyLinux 8 and AlmaLinux 8.

Tags improvements (Pro)

Pro users will be happy to know that the tags feature has been improved. It is now possible to drag and drop passwords directly on tags in order to associate them.

Fig. Drag and drop passwords to a tag

Community users will be pleased to know that tags is the next Pro feature that is considered to be made available in Passbolt CE. Feel free to share your thoughts about it in the community forum.

A big thank you to the community!

We wish to thank the contributors who participated to this release:

  • All the community members who reported bugs and submitted pull requests (reederda, fgietzen, garrettboone, Ecentrix, zdenak11, jsm222 and many others).
  • All the community members who are participating in the mobile app beta testing effort and who are reporting issues with tidy logs (jskribek, g0dsCookie, okami, dlist, solaire, and many others).

If you wish to contribute to passbolt, you are very welcome to. There are many ways you can help, by testing beta versions, translating passbolt in multiple languages, helping others fix their installation issues, etc.

It can be hard to know where to start contributing or find enough time to have an impact. As the famous Chinese proverb goes: “The best time to contribute to open source was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” So don’t worry, just drop by the community forum. We promise we won’t bite.

Share your thoughts

Something to say about this release? Feel free to share it with the community.