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What’s cooking for 2022 ?

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Vivien Muller

Vivien Muller

15 December, 2021

It’s the end of the year and even though a lot happened in the past 12 months there is more in preparation. We thought that it would be the right moment to give you a sneak peak at what’s happening in the design team kitchen and show you what is currently being worked on, in the form of a nice Christmas menu.

So, let’s have a sneak peak in the kitchen and discover what is currently on the stove.

You can expect the same homely flavours but with some new exotic dressing. Please note the recipes are still being perfected, so keep in mind that seasoning may be adjusted based on the feedback of the community foodies.

Improved user interface

For the hors d’oeuvres, the whole graphical user interface (GUI) has been revisited.

Don’t be afraid, all the ingredients that you already love are still represented:

Fig. Revisited password workspace

For those who prefer a higher degree of doneness, the dark mode should satisfy the connoisseurs:

Fig. Revisited password workspace with dark theme

Of course, the accompaniments got the same level of attention:

Fig. Create a password dialog with improved design

A new icon supplier has been carefully selected, “Font Awesome” by Dave Gandy is now substituted for “Feather” by “Cole Bemis”.

Fig. New icon set for passbolt

Feather adds a zest of freshness and readability to our presentation and some home-made icons have also been sprinkled on top.

You may have noticed that those icons are already served with the mobile app.

It is important to maintain consistency throughout the full course.

Improved grid

For the appetizers: a grid “à la carte”.

The grid is an essential component to a balanced presentation. Some of the upcoming new features need extra space to express all their flavours and that’s why the new grid introduces additional columns.

If you are already full, do not worry this grid is “à la carte” meaning you can:

  • Pick and choose your preferred items:
Fig. Display the columns of your choice in the passwords grid
  • Change the sequence:
Fig. Change display sequence in the passwords grid
  • And even resize the portions:
Fig. Columns resizing in the new passwords grid

Improved tags

The first course: a traditional feature, revisited.

This is the same “tags” you already know, with a twist.

Perception of flavours can be affected by our sense of sight. That’s why tags now have a colourful presentation to easily distinguish them, even in the grid!

Fig. Improved tags with colours and in-line menu

Also, because it’s a Christmas menu, you’ll be glad to know that this first course is offered by the house. The Tags feature will soon be available in passbolt CE. 🎅

Passwords expiry

For the second course: fresh passwords guaranteed.

It is important not to serve expired items to esteemed guests. This is why this new feature ensures that expired items are flagged immediately in order to keep the stock of passwords always fresh.

Fig. Expired passwords are flagged in the main passwords workspace

Passwords rotation is a must-have for any security conscious organisation.

Fear not, password expiry policies got you covered:

Fig. Passwords expiry policy configuration page

Admin reports

For dessert: report mignardises.

The design of this feature is still in R&D phase but administrators with a sweet tooth will appreciate the subtle icing on the cake.

There is a large variety of recipes, colours and textures, starting with a customisable dashboard:

Fig. Admin reports dashboard

Ending with bite-sized information or a slice of your favorite pie chart:

Fig. Admin reports overview


Attention users with allergies to changes. Please be aware that our new features may contain or come into contact with common allergens, such as new icons, new colours or minor interface adjustments. While we take steps to minimise risk and safely handle the features that contain potential allergens, please be advised that cross contamination may occur.

If you have allergy concerns, please contact our staff via the community forum.

Bon appétit!

We hope you enjoyed this Christmas menu and the whole Passbolt team wishes you happy holidays!