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Release 3.6: Account recovery

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Vivien Muller

Vivien Muller

18 July, 2022

Remember this guy?

Fig. Sorry, you’re on your own

Until now if a user lost their private key or passphrase, the only way forward was to delete the account and start from scratch! But thanks to release v3.6, there is now a solution. Indeed, account recovery is finally available in beta version!

Fig. Start account recovery

Here’s a video that will show you how to use this feature:

Fig. User private key backup using an organisation-wide key

You may notice in the interface that the feature is still marked as in “Beta”. The main reason for that is that, while we believe the feature is safe to use, it still needs to be reviewed by independent security auditors. This is the process we follow for all new features with a significant impact on security. This audit will be completed by Cure53 in the course of July 2022.

Fig. Account recovery policy in the administration workspace

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