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Please take a full backup of your passbolt before proceeding with the upgrade.

In order to upgrade from CE to PRO, open your docker-compose.yaml file and search for the passbolt CE image definition:

image: passbolt/passbolt:IMAGE_TAG

And replace the CE IMAGE_TAG with a PRO that can be found on the docker hub passbolt page.

In the same location of your docker-compose.yaml file, create a subscription_key.txt file containing your passbolt subscription key, and add a new volume definition in your docker-compose.yaml file:

version: '3.7'
- ./subscription_key.txt:/etc/passbolt/subscription_key.txt:ro

Then relaunch your docker containers:

$ docker-compose up -d

By doing this:

  • A new passbolt docker image will be pulled and a new container created
  • Your passbolt database schema will be updated

If you run into some issues

  • Make a copy or screenshot of the errors messages displayed on the screen
  • Check for error message in the logs directory
  • Check for error message in the browser console
  • Checkout the previous working version using git
  • Drop the database and load your backup data to restore to a previously working version
  • Note down the the details of you environment: your OS, php, mysql environment versions.

Where to get help:

  • If you are a Passbolt Pro Edition subscriber send us an email with the details.
  • If you are a Passbolt Community Edition user you can open new thread on the community forum.
  • The more information you provide about what you did, what you tried, how your environment look like, the easiest it will be for people to help you.