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Welcome to the User Guide!

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What is the User Guide?

The documentation for Passbolt contains several main sections, all accessible from the top navigation bar:

  • The User Guide that you're currently reading contains all about the functionalities available to every users.
  • The Admin Guide contains all the information for users with the administrator role, e.g. all about the user and admin workspaces.
  • The Hosting Guide contains all the technical information related to the setup and update of your passbolt self-hosted server.

If you are new to passbolt you can get some introduction in the next section, otherwise feel free to peruse and find what you are looking for using the navigation on the left.

What is the difference between admins and users?

Passbolt makes a distinction between user and admin roles. Users are invited by administrators to join an organization and can use all the password management features provided by Passbolt to securely store and share passwords.

An admin also has additional responsibilities, such as managing user access, like configuring security and user interface settings, and overseeing the overall administration of the Passbolt instance, ensuring smooth operation and adherence to your organizational policies.


Because of passbolt multiple configuration options, your experience as an end user may vary according to your organization's policy. If you are not sure why you cannot perform an action please contact your admin.