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What is my Passbolt URL?


The URL is selected by an administrator and as a user you will receive an email invitation from your admin to join.

The URL you will ultimately use to manage your credentials may vary depending on whether your passbolt instance is self-hosted or used in the cloud.

  • If you're accessing Passbolt through a self-hosted setup, the URL will likely reflect the specific domain of your organizations, for example or
  • Conversely, if you're utilizing Passbolt through a cloud service, the URL will typically be
Example of passbolt login page
fig. Example of passbolt login page

Passbolt is primarily used in the browser. Before settings up the mobile or desktop app you must first setup your account using your browser.

Long story short, it depends on your situation, as Passbolt can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud.

How can I find the login page?

If you have completed the setup

If you have completed the setup and configured passbolt on your current laptop or desktop, you can click on the passbolt icon in the top right corner of your browser. If you then click on the passbolt logo it will take you to your passbolt workspace.

Check for passbolt emails in your mailbox

In most cases you will have received an email notification from passbolt in the past in your mailbox. So check your inbox and follow one of the links.

Go on

If you have completed your setup and configure passbolt on your current computer but you don't find the passbolt icon on your browser, you can go on On the very top of the website you will see a "Sign in" button you can click on. This button will automatically redirects you to where your browser extension has been configured and you will see the login form of your application.

Ask for help to your administrator

In doubt you can also ask the person that invited you to passbolt, e.g. the administrator that setup passbolt for your company.

Other clues

You are using passbolt cloud version

If you are using passbolt cloud your passwords will be located in a workspace in, where workspace is the name of your organization, like

You are using passbolt self-hosted version

If you are using the self hosted version of passbolt you can contact your administrator, as the self hosted version, much like a blog, can be hosted anywhere.