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How does Passbolt team Prioritize Feature Development?

Passbolt team and community is committed to continually enhancing our platform. Our roadmap is a dynamic showcase of upcoming features and functionalities, reflecting our dedication to innovation and product excellence.

We highly encourage our user community to engage with us through our community forum. Here, members have the unique opportunity to propose new ideas and participate in the decision-making process by up-voting suggestions. This collaborative approach ensures that we are aligned with the needs and preferences of the community as a whole.

Example of completed feature request on the community forum
fig. Example of completed feature request on the community forum

Furthermore, we recognize the pivotal role of our financial contributors and supporters. Their generous support accelerates our development process, enabling us to bring new functionalities to life more swiftly.

Priority Considerations:

  • Security issues weather it affects confidentiality or availability.
  • Serious bugs that prevent a significant part of the user base to use the tool core functionalities.
  • Maintenance tasks of underlying software components and fixes technical debt.
  • New functionalities and feature improvements.

We prioritize the security and integrity of our platform above all else. Security vulnerabilities and bug fixes are addressed with the utmost urgency, to provide a safe and reliable environment for everyone.

Additionally, the development team proactively manages the maintenance and upgrades of our core libraries and frameworks. This proactive stance on maintenance ensures the long-term sustainability and performance of the platform.