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Server installation guide

Passbolt can be installed on a large variety of servers in just a few minutes. Pick your flavor!

Community Edition

Passbolt Community Edition (CE) is 100% open source, both free as in free beer and as in free speech. It comes with no strings attached.

DigitalOcean deployment guide

Step 1: deploy passbolt CE droplet in a click

Deploy to DigitalOcean

Step 2: configure and create first user

In the next step, you will complete the configuration of your server and create the first admin user. It takes a minute.

See next steps in detailed installation guide

Deploy on your favorite cloud provider

Install from scratch

Need more features and premium support?

Passbolt Pro is designed for teams and businesses with more sophisticated requirements. It includes professional support with SLA.

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Looking for professional cloud hosting?

Passbolt Cloud offers all the features of Passbolt Pro, without hassle of self-hosting. Hosted in Europe.

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