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Since version 4.3.0, Passbolt supports creation of TOTP (Time-based One Time Password).

TOTP is a mechanism that generates a unique and temporary password based on the current time. This dynamic code can be used on its own or in combination with a static password, offering an additional layer of security compared to traditional password-only systems.


On the iOS application, there is a new section called “TOTP”

iOS - Empty TOTP
fig. iOS - Empty TOTP

In order to create a new TOTP, you’d need to click on “Create”

iOS - TOTP Creation
fig. iOS - TOTP Creation

That will open a menu that will let you choose between scanning a QR code or create a TOTP manually, for this tutorial we assume that you’d need to create it manually.

For the TOTP manual creation, you will have to fill three fields:

  1. Name, which is the label of the resource
  2. URL, which is the fullBaseUrl of the resource
  3. Secret, the secret from the TOTP provider
iOS - TOTP Configuration
fig. iOS - TOTP Configuration

You do have the possibility to link this TOTP to an existing password but that’s optional. You can also create a standalone TOTP instead.

iOS - Link TOTP to an existing password
fig. iOS - Link TOTP to an existing password

There is also an advanced settings part in order to adjust the expiry, length and algorithm


Advanced settings have to match the TOTP provider settings otherwise it won’t work.

iOS - TOTP Advanced Settings
fig. iOS - TOTP Advanced Settings

Once created, you will see a success message “TOTP has been created.” then you will be able to preview the TOTP code when you need it.

iOS - TOTP Preview
fig. iOS - TOTP Preview