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Troubleshooting Helm

Prerequisite Steps

Connect yourself inside passbolt docker container (replace passbolt-container-name with your own):

$ kubectl exec -ti passbolt-container-name bash

All troubleshooting commands must be launched as www-data user. It is the case if you are running non-root docker images but for root images, switch as www-data user:

su -s /bin/bash www-data

Then to be able to launch some commands, you must retrieve PASSBOLT_GPG_SERVER_KEY_FINGERPRINT environment variable:

--home $GNUPGHOME\
--list-keys \
${PASSBOLT_KEY_EMAIL:[email protected]} | \
grep -Ev "^(pub|sub|uid|^$)" | tr -d ' ')"


./bin/cake passbolt healthcheck

Send a test email

./bin/cake passbolt send_test_email \
[email protected]


./bin/cake passbolt datacheck --hide-success-details

Database migrations status

./bin/cake migrations status

Database container

To connect into mysql container console (replace db-container-name with your own):

kubectl exec -ti db-container-name bash -c \