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How to Export Resources(s) to a CSV or KDBX file

How to export passwords in passbolt

fig. Passbolt GUI - Export passwords


  1. Select the password(s) or the folder(s) you’d like to export.
    • If you want to export all the passwords you have access to, you can click on the menu next to “Folders”.
  2. Click on the “Export” or “Export all” button.
  3. Choose the right format for the export.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your passphrase.
  5. The download will start and you will be able to open the file.

Supported file formats

Passbolt export system supports the following file formats:

  • Csv - Lastpass export
  • Csv - 1password export
  • Csv - Keepass export
  • Csv - Dashlane export
  • Csv - Nordpass export
  • Csv - LogMeOnce export
  • Csv - BitWarden export
  • Csv - Firefox platforms export (Mozilla Firefox, Waterfox, Pale Moon…)
  • Csv - Chromium browsers export (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave …)
  • Csv - Safari
  • Kdbx (file format used by Keepass 2.x, you’ll need to specify a keepass passphrase for the encryption)

If you’d like to request the support of a specific format, you can open a request on the community forum.