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How to share resources

What are the different permissions?

Passbolt offers three permissions at the resource or folder level:

  • Owner: can manage share settings, delete, update, read.
  • Update: can update the record and delete.
  • Read: can only read and use the password metadata and secret.

A User with Update right is able to delete a resource. The main difference between Owner and Update right is the ability for the Owner to share a resource.

Sharing a password

  1. Login and/ or go to password workspace
  2. Select the password you would like to share
  3. Click the “share” button
  4. Type the name of a user you would like to share this password with. Optionally, you can select the permissions you wish to give to a user
  5. Press the save button (or enter on your keyboard)
  6. Enter your master password. Press OK to continue.
  7. Wait until encryption is done

Make sure you press the save button every time you make changes

Removing yourself from a password shared with you

  1. Log in to your passbolt account.
  2. Click on “Shared with me” from the menu on the left
  3. Select a password you wish to remove yourself from
  4. Remove yourself from the list of users with whom the password is shared
  5. The password will no longer be shared with you